Budget Inn Temple Hills
3131 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD
Budget Inn Temple Hills
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  • •   Internet Access
  • •   FAX
  • •   Twenty Four Hour Front Desk
  • •   Public Area Air Conditioned
  • •   Front Desk
  • •   No Smoking Rooms-facilities
  • •   Children Welcome
  • •   Complimentary Breakfast
  • •   Ironing Board
  • •   Toilet
  • •   Private Bath or Shower
  • •   Fax Service
  • •   Elevators
  • •   Family Plan
  • •   Free Parking
  • •   Accessible Facilities
  • •   Air Conditioning
  • •   Laundry Service
  • •   On-site Parking
  • •   Outdoor Parking
  • •   Parking
  • •   Security
  • •   Smoking
  • •   Bathtub
  • •   Shower
  • •   Television With Cable
  • •   Meal Included - Breakfast
  • •   Air Conditioning
  • •   Single Bed
  • •   AM-FM Alarm Clock
  • •   Internet Access
  • •   Iron
  • •   Ironing Board
  • •   Jacuzzi
  • •   King Bed
  • •   Microwave
  • •   Safe

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Budget Inn Temple Hills
3131 Branch Avenue, Temple Hills, MD
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